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4 Reasons Why We're Thankful for MINI


Owning a MINI is like owning a statement piece in your closet. The unique design and rich history is unlike any other car company there is. When you see a MINI on the road there will be no confusion what type of vehicle that is.


MINI is truly an iconic brand and it has been around since 1959. This spunky brand allows people to express themselves through their cars, connect with other enthusiasts, and adventure through the world. Thankful is an understatement when it comes to our customers description of MINI, and we believe that the car you drive tells us a lot about a person. There are endless reasons why people love MINI and are thankful for their vehicle. Here are the top picks that showcase what MINI is all about.




There’s nothing worse than spending a large sum of money on a product that’s not made with the best quality materials. When you’re paying for something you expect it to last through the years with limited maintenance, and MINI is exactly that. The moment someone experiences a MINI’s solid feel and precision they begin to understand what premium should feel like. Our cars are made to last and are among the best in the industry at retaining their value over the long haul. Compared to other vehicles in the industry, MINI’s actually hold their value a lot more.




Next time you’re on the highway, take a look at the vehicles around you—it’s hard to spot the difference between each or even what brand they may be from a distance. With MINI you can spot the unique and funky vehicle right when it catches your attention on the road. Though the exterior design has evolved over the years, it still retains the overall iconic look & shape and pays tribute to the original MINI (e.g. the round headlights). This work of art fits any urban setting and is just as powerful in Alpine scenery. Standing out is never a question with this car. 




When we ask people what the purpose of getting a car is, they always say to get from Point A to Point B with peace of mind. With ease means without the hassle of speed, maintenance, etc. MINI is known for its racing roots which is why the engine is packed with power. Many MINI Coopers can cross swords with the best of cars on the track and while straight line speed was never the primary focus for MINI, the go-kart dynamics and nimbleness are what sets it apart.




There’s no doubt that MINI’s are truly mini but in the best way possible. Take the iconic MINI 3 Door as an example, it’s a compact vehicle perfect for drivers who don’t often carry too many passengers and just wants a reliable car to get from one place to the other. Though there are smaller MINI Coopers, we also have the MINI 5 Door, Clubman ALL4 and Countryman ALL4 (all-wheel drive) that are more spacious and ideal for a family or the adventurists at heart. Whichever MINI model you choose, there’s plenty of space that will fit your lifestyle.  


The dedication MINI has set out to be the best of the best for its consumers for over 60 years is unmatchable, and there’s only room for improvement here. Ask anyone who owns a MINI and they will say they love it and would highly recommend it. It’s the passionate MINI owners (like yourself) who help drive our creativity, and allow us to truly innovate and be the brand everyone wants to be. 


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