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Our Guide to Simple and Seamless Pre-Owned Car Shopping


The journey of buying a pre-owned car used to be synonymous with losing sleep over whether you got the best price and if the condition of the car is indeed in top shape. Plus, the added hassle of surfing multiple listing websites and visiting numerous locations literally took your breath away. There are of course a few nitty-gritty details that have remained the same, like setting your budget, but we have come a long way in terms of how easy and seamless buying a pre-owned car can be. Let’s get into the details now!



Buying a car is a fairly big investment so the first thing that you must do is to figure out your budget, i.e. how much you would like to spend on your purchase. There are additional costs to factor in when buying a car including tax, loan interest, car insurance, registration, maintenance, and gas costs. Currently, taxes on a used vehicle in B.C. range from 7-20%.



E-Commerce and online shopping has really taken off these past two years and the automotive industry has definitely kept up the pace. Many shoppers may still prefer shopping in person, but the initial stage of finding a vehicle can all be done seamlessly online. Click here to check out our pre-owned inventory.



Yes! Your pre-owned car shopping journey can be done mostly online. Find a dealership that has the key online shopping components dialed in, and your experience will be both enjoyable and fruitful. We have the full details below.



You will want to find a dealership with a dedicated digital sales team. Whether it's emails, live chats, DMs, or text messages, having and knowing that a specialist is taking care of you allows questions and details to be finalized efficiently and promptly. You should never feel like you’re left hanging when things can be done seamlessly!



A user-friendly website can make all the difference in car shopping. Having lots of product images available including a comprehensive 360-degree view of the exterior, interior, and additional detailed images lets you do most of the preliminary viewing in the comfort of your home.



Going through the fine details that come with purchasing a vehicle doesn’t necessarily need to be complicated. Finding a car from a dealership that offers both a dedicated digital sales team and a user-friendly website allows you to easily access and complete the following in just a few simple clicks.

  • View a CARFAX vehicle history report 
  • Customize car payments to your budget
  • Receive a conditional trade-in value
  • Place a deposit to reserve your vehicle
  • Apply for financing


Having the support of a reputable dealership working for you when purchasing a vehicle comes with many benefits. In addition to all the resources we’ve mentioned above, dealerships often provide a certified warranty. Here at MINI Richmond, we offer a 30-day Auto West Certified Warranty free-of-charge that will help give you peace of mind. It includes: 

  • 30 days/3,000 km Powertrain Warranty (50/50)
  • 3 Day Money Back Guarantee
  • 30 Day/2,000 km Exchange Privilege 
  • Lien-free Guarantee
  • 153 Point Quality Inspection 
  • CARFAX History Report 

Trust is definitely another important factor when making larger purchases. Third-party awards and client testimonials can provide unbiased insight on the dealership’s products and customer service. Did you know? MINI Richmond/Auto West BMW Pre-Owned was awarded the 2021 Best Priced Dealer Award by AutoTrader.ca and the Top-Rated Dealer award by CarGurus for superior service and pricing! You can also read our Google Reviews here


If you’re planning on purchasing a pre-owned vehicle, we have all the above-mentioned tools at MINI Richmond to make your car buying journey an amazing one! Our online inventory is updated frequently with the latest information. Plus, you have our dedicated Digital Sales Team readily available to help. Contact us today online or over the phone at ​​604-233-0700. We would love to chat with you.


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