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The Most Thrilling Adventure Awaits in your MINI


Your summer adventures await and are all in the comfort of your MINI. Our beautiful province, British Columbia, is full of fun attractions, restaurants, and scenery to visit. But where does one start when there are so many great options to choose fromthat’s the big question! With a little help, we can get you to your right destination and prepare for any driving condition. 




Soak up the waterfront and make your MINI the star of the show. This is a perfect location for a little photoshoot not only with your loved ones but with one of your most prized possessions… your MINI Cooper! Iona Beach Park is the perfect place if you want to catch the summer sunset.


If you do decide on a MINI photoshoot, be sure your car is spick and span and camera ready. Our MINI Car Wash Shampoo Concentrate and Express Wax will have your vehicle coming out looking like it is fresh out of the dealership. 




It is no doubt that the Capilano Suspension Bridge is one of the top sights to see in Vancouver and it is all for the right reason. Take a walk on the wild side while also learning about its rich history. With breathtaking views everywhere you go, it will definitely be the perfect Instagrammable moment. 


While you’re in North Vancouver, you don’t want to miss their great cycling routes, so be sure to bring your bikes! Click here to view the North Shore bike map & resources. Try our MINI Touring Bike Holder for a sturdy and lockable attachment to transport most types of bicycles. MINI Richmond is offering free installation with purchase (limited time offer) to ensure our customers have one less thing on their to-do list. 




Whistler is well known for its thrilling winter sports and activities, but it’s also outstanding during the summer. From relaxing hiking trails to expert-level mountain biking, there are outdoor activities for everyone and every level. Check out the Tourism Whistler website here for details, and the latest health & safety updates.


The most exciting perk of driving to Whistler is the amazingly scenic Sea-to-Sky Highway. To get the most out of this route, be sure to swap your MINI into summer tires. A Summer Tire Swap is recommended for temperatures above 7°C for optimal performance on the road. Pure motoring fun... here we come!


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