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Meet the New MINI App


Staying connected, whether it’s with your family and friends or with the tools that make everyday life a little smoother, is at the top of everyone’s list. With the all-new MINI App, you can do just that with a touch of a button. After all, your MINI is part of the family! Let’s look at a few of the smart functions.

Letting You Know That it’s ALL GOOD.

Once you’ve got your MINI online and connected with the MINI App on your iPhone or Android device, you’ll be able to see a wide range of information on the homepage after opening the app. Your MINI’s image will pop up along with the “ALL GOOD” message that shows everything is in order, plus the fuel level (gas) and range (electric) information. The timestamp of when the data was collected will also be located on this page. Below this information is the “Check Status” button that will take you to additional information about your MINI. 

Did I Lock My MINI?

Gone are the days when you have to walk back to check whether you locked your car. You can easily see if you locked your car and lock it remotely with a touch of a button. You can also unlock your car remotely for people who may need access to your MINI.

Can’t Find My MINI in the Parking Lot!

Flashing your car’s headlights gets you noticed and flashing them when you’re looking for your car definitely helps in the search. Your MINI App has a button that allows you to remotely flash the headlights of your car. There is also a Vehicle Finder button that shows you where your MINI is on a map, which can come in handy when you’re feeling unsure of where your vehicle is. 

Ventilation - Sweeten Things Up Before You Arrive.

Wouldn't it be nice to have the air in your MINI ventilated a bit before you arrived, especially if it’s a hot day? This can actually be done with your MINI App. Either click on the ventilation button on the main page to start ventilation or have this function preset for a specific time. 

For those who drive a MINI Electric, you can even schedule your car to be cooled down or heated up. Truly a perfect world in the making here!

It’s All Over the Map!

You can locate a variety of points of interest, including fuel, parking, or dealership, on the Map tab. Once you have selected your desired destination, you can then send it directly to your MINI and the navigation information can be displayed on the MINI infotainment system once you open the message in your notifications.

MINI Electric and MINI Countryman Hybrid SUV owners will be able to easily search, locate, and navigate to the nearest charging station when juice is low or if you are pre-planning a road trip.

All the Information You Need, When You Need It.

From service information and vehicle status and details (VIN number) to the MINI Motorer’s Guide, you’ll be able to easily access all of this information from the buttons located on the homepage. 

Scheduling Service is Oh So Easy!

You’ll be able to set your preferred service dealership, select from a list of services, and schedule a specific date and time for your appointment directly from the MINI App. Managing your MINI’s maintenance requirements has never been easier! You can even get push notifications when you’re due for an oil change and get alerted about recall notices. 

Charging it Up When You Want.

We saw above that you can select a preferred time to ventilate your MINI, but you can also schedule the time that you want the juice to start flowing to your MINI Electric. Simply plug-in your MINI and your car will start charging at the preset time in your MINI App.


Our tidbits here are just a brief introduction to the App’s connectivity ability. So download the MINI App from your App Store or Google Play Store today to discover all the other cool functions that are available. 

From Service and Parts to the latest in MINI news, our friendly staff at MINI Richmond are always here to answer any of your questions. Give us a shout anytime! Us MINIacs are a community and we’re definitely better together.


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