The Dream Team at MINI Richmond



The kind of sales environment we garner at MINI Richmond is unheard of to most in the automotive industry. When you think of a typical car buying experience you’re probably fearing some pushy sales guy with his own commission as top priority. At MINI Richmond, we don’t need any frills, gimmicks, or sales commissions because we take pride in the service we provide. Happy customers is the best commission we could ask for.


Characteristics many use to describe our sales team and culture: Family, Teamwork, Fun and Genuine.


The MINI Richmond sales team works together as a family to see a smile on every customer’s face when they drive away in their dream MINI. This not only makes work enjoyable for our employees but ultimately creates an unforgettable experience for our customer.


“We work together as one to help each other out to create a collaborative work environment and a seamless customer experience.” - Raphael Wong, MINI Richmond Sales Manager.


Not only is a collaborative work environment important, but a knowledgeable one too. Our staff are MINIacs (i.e. a person who is madly in love with MINI cars) who are extremely knowledgeable and trained on all aspects MINI. It’s one thing to know about cars and it’s another to love them!

MINI is a brand with a rich culture and history. They put so much passion into making this vehicle. The handling and safety of a MINI is beyond impressive for such a small car!” - Joyce, MINI Richmond Motoring Advisor.


We can guarantee you will feel like you are a part of the MINI family when you enter our doors. Let’s find your dream car together!

Contact us to start your MINI experience today or explore our website for more information.

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