MINI Makes Parking Fun Again


Want a MINI fun fact? Mr. Bean’s vehicle of choice is the MINI. We love it when icons support icons.


Here in the Lower Mainland, the parking scene is our least favourite part about driving. From the people who park at awkward angles beside you to the uneven curbs that make pulling over a wreck, parking can really suck.


Luckily, MINI knows exactly where it hurts and has the remedy to all of our parking nightmares. Designed to make your commute a breeze, see how these British-style, German-engineered powerhouses ensure that you’ll enjoy your ride from the start to the very end.



Here’s the deal: the bigger the car, the more irritating it is to park; they’re wide, they’re long, and they don’t give you enough space to get the angle you need. So here’s when it pays off to be small. When you’ve got the build of a MINI, you’re given the perfect amount of space for you to pivot and play around until you’re able to hit the angles you need. They’re small enough to get into tight spots, but also big enough so that you’re not compromising comfort for practicality. You’ve essentially got the perfect car for parking when you’re driving the MINI!



So now that you’ve got the ideal car size for parking, what if your driving skills just aren’t there? It’s okay, you can admit your insecurities...because MINI already has you covered! MINI Park Assist is basically your perfect shotgun passenger: helpful, resourceful, and awesome all around. With a single push of a button, Park Assist will guide you step-by-step so you’ll get that perfect parallel park every single time. Try naming someone more impressive than a driver who kills it every time when they parallel park...we’ll wait.



As much as we love Mr. Bean, we’ve got to keep it real: he’s a clumsy guy. And if the MINI is able to troubleshoot all his bad parking decisions, what can’t these machines handle? Come be the judge and see for yourself.


The first step to becoming a parking pro? Picking out your MINI. Check out our full lineup of MINI's here, and build yours today!


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