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Top 10 Instagram Accounts to Follow, 2020 Edition


Everyone who owns a MINI or love the brand, in general, know that it's not only just a lifestyle but a community and way of living. If we had to say one amazing feature of owning a MINI, it would be the instant connection/friendship you feel with fellow owners. The uniqueness and fun spirit of driving a MINI Cooper make it where no other car can compare.


We love seeing everyone embrace what they love and these Instagram accounts do exactly that!



If you are looking for ways to switch up your shots then this account is the perfect one. Based in Germany, Ada showcases her Starlight Blue MINI in the best way possible. With crystal clear imaging, anyone can tell right off the bat the dedication that is put into caring for your MINI.



There is just something cool about this account we cannot put our finger on exactly. Through his Instagram, you can really see the evolution of his Laser Blue R56 Cooper S and he uses any weather setting to his advantage.



Have you ever seen a photo where it looks so crisp it looks unreal? R8SMV showcases his MINI by journeying around the United Kingdom into sunsets, lakes, mountains, etc. to illustrate how versatile this vehicle can be.



This MINI enthusiast takes on the brand in her own unique way that makes her account feel like a breath of fresh air. She incorporates lifestyle posts along with car posts that is the perfect combo making it both minimal and aesthetically pleasing.



Leo has a diverse feed that is unlike any other of these accounts. The colour palette is a bit darker which puts the MINI in a more aggressive light that the audience loves! The different layouts showcase to the audience a different perspective on his driven adventures.





This minimalistic account shows the true beauty of a black mini and how sometimes the simple life is better. With its almost black and white feed, you can feel the classic vibe scream at you.
Fun is the word that comes to mind when looking at this account. This driver has a 1998 Paul Smith Mini and loves to journey around through the brightest of days to the darkest of nights, rain or shine.


Love classic cars and London? Put those two together and this account is the perfect fit. This account shows London from a different perspective while using MINI as their main subject. Think of it as your classic twist on a mobile tour guide. 



High definition pictures with a Vintage feel is what a classic MINI account should all be about. Cory does an amazing job showing that old school feel but with a high-quality look. He drives a 1967 Mk1 Austin Mini 850 and says “some people collect art, I drive it”. 


Orange you glad there can be a car that matches your lifestyle? This 1995 John Cooper owner has well thought out pictures and is always active on Instagram stories. This vibrant orange vehicle gives personality to each and every single post that makes the viewer wanting more.


Let us know what you think about these accounts and don’t forget to follow us on Instagram @minirichmond if you haven’t already

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