MINI Connected App: Your Time-Saving Companion


Feel connected with your MINI 24/7 with the new MINI Connected App. Get access to basic functionality whenever and wherever. This application gives you the ability to locate your vehicle, schedule trips, activate climate control, and more.


Get closer than ever with your car by accessing these features with a few simple taps. Wherever the road leads you, thanks to MINI Connected you can now stay seamlessly connected with its latest innovations that make owning and driving a MINI even better.


Not convinced yet? Here are the top MINI Connected App features:

  1. Take Control - This offers you the possibility to interact with your car by simply asking it to send you a status update. Get the latest notifications on fuel level, last recorded journey, or whether you remembered to lock your vehicle or not.
  2. Lost then Found - Ever unsure where you parked your car and spend minutes looking for it? Now that is a thing of the past because you can locate your vehicle and know its exact location, just with a simple click.
  3. Stay Cool, Calm, and Collected - Road trips can be fun but not when traffic strikes. By notifying where your next destination will be through the app, you can schedule trips based on traffic conditions and receive alerts for the best time to leave to avoid those traffic jams. 
  4. Tracking your Belongings - Pair your app with the MINI Find Mate so you never have to ask yourself where your keys or bags are. Get notifications if you left your belongings in your vehicle or locate them when they are nowhere to be found.  

Are you ready to connect to MINI Connected?

It takes 3 easy steps and you are ready to go! First, download the MINI Connected App. Second, create an account. Third, add your vehicle identification number. Now that you have completed the steps, you are connected and ready to explore your MINI to its fullest potential!

The MINI Connected App is available for download on both Apple App Store and Google Play Store. 

Have questions? Give us a call at (604) 232-7880 and we will gladly assist you.

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