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Why the MINI 5 Door is Equally Fun


Get the best of both worlds with the MINI 5 Door. Functionality and fun has never been easier. With the 5 Door you can now get the accessibility you have been itching for, but was not able to achieve with the MINI 3 Door. This iconic MINI hatch, with 2 added doors can give you more room for passengers and cargo space for any adventure that awaits. 


If you are looking for the traditional MINI look and feel, and you don’t want to worry about not having enough room, then the MINI 5 Door is the car for you. Learn more about it here! 




When comparing the 5 and the 3 Door MINI’s, the design is actually fairly similarjust look at the front end of the car, and it would be hard to tell which is which. Of course, when you view from a profile perspective, the added doors are an obvious giveaway and its unique design becomes more apparent. Each model is different in its own way. The 3 Door has a sportier, compact look with a more square rear. The 5 Door on the other hand has an extended rear and because of the added accessibility, it truly gives a family feel to the vehicle.




If practicality is something you look for in a vehicle then the 5 Door gives just that. With a total of 5 seats, 2 extra doors, plenty of legroom, and up to 941 Litres of boot space, transporting precious cargo or more passengers just became easier. The 5 Door model is designed so you can sport the signature MINI look and have more versatility. 




Comparing the 3 Door and 5 Door, in terms of technology, they both come standard with a 6.5” touchscreen infotainment system with features such as Bluetooth connectivity (e.g. Spotify, contact list) and Rear-View Camera with Park Distance Control. Whether you are reversing into or out of a spot, always feel in control with a clear picture of what's behind you. Under the hood of both models, you will find a 3 (or 4 cylinder) Twin Power Turbo engine with an automatic start/stop function and 7-speed dual clutch transmission.


The two models are similar yet different. If you are often traveling with the intent of a more spacious cabin and boot, then the 5 Door is suitable for that lifestyle. The MINI 5 Door is essentially fit for a family or anyone that has passengers on a regular basis. 


Book a test drive today and experience the MINI 5 Door for yourself! Call us at 604-233-0700 or click on the Live Chat widget to speak with our MINI Richmond representatives. Looking to come in for a service appointment instead? Give us a call at 604-232-7880.


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