Every ending is also a beginning. Every change brings an opportunity. The end of your lease presents a crossroads of sorts, and we’re excited to help you navigate this simple process. Whether you choose to drive off in a new MINI, buy out the MINI you’re currently in, or return your vehicle, our team at MINI Richmond is ready to help you upgrade your journey.


At MINI Richmond, we want to help you make the transition as easy and seamless as possible. Whatever your decision may be. Below you will find some information on options and steps to take as your lease is maturing.


My Lease is Ending, But I Want to Keep My MINI. 

Many owners fall in love with their MINI, and decide to truly make it their own. In this case, you will be required to do the following for full ownership on or before lease maturity:

  • Pay a Vehicle Inspection fee (customer to pay for service separately) 
  • Pay a Lease Buy-Out fee (contact us for details)
  • Pay the buyout value of your lease
  • Complete new transaction paperwork for change of ownership (From MINI to you)

For support and full details, please contact and consult with our Auto West Group Lease & Finance Specialist


Vehicle Inspection & Returning Your Vehicle.

Approximately 75 days before your lease expires, you can expect a call from AutoVIN Canada, an independent inspection company, to arrange an appointment for a mandatory vehicle inspection. Important note: AutoVIN only calls once and if the call is missed, they will not reach out again. We would recommend you to book an appointment online at or by phone at 1-800-268-6639. The inspection can be completed at a time and location which is convenient for you, like your home or office. 


After AutoVIN Canada evaluates the condition of your MINI, a Vehicle Inspection Report will be available online usually within 48 hours of the physical inspection, outlining the condition of your vehicle. Please schedule a lease-end consultation with our Auto West Group Lease & Finance Specialist to review the vehicle’s condition. You will be required to pay for any damages not covered by the Excess Wear & Use Protection plan (if purchased). Additionally, you will receive the balance of the ICBC insurance after your vehicle is dropped off and all outstanding payments made. To deposit, you will have to reach out to Allwest Insurance to have it endorsed. The cheque does not arrive endorsed.


Allwest Insurance

315 - 1681 Chestnut Street

Vancouver, BC  V6J 4M6 

Phone number: 604-731-6696


My Lease is Ending, I Wish to Upgrade to a New MINI. 

Whether you choose the same model, or venture into a new one, we have a wide selection to choose from and loyalty incentives for you to enjoy. Please schedule a lease-end consultation with our Auto West Group Lease & Finance Specialist for all the details. Preferably 3 to 6 months prior to your lease maturitydon’t wait until the end as that will limit your options.


Feel free to start shopping for your new MINI today. View our new inventory here


Can I Upgrade to a New MINI Before My Lease Ends? 

Oftentimes, there may be an opportunity to get into a new lease early (e.g. family expecting a new member, downsizing for empty nesters). In that case, we would like to sit down with you to discuss your needs and status of your current lease. Please schedule an appraisal appointment with our Auto West Group Lease & Finance Specialist


Early Termination Option - Lease Transfer.

If you are in a situation where you are transferring your lease to another party, they will need to pass the credit application. In addition, a Non-refundable Deposit (to start the application) and a Lease Transfer Fee will be required. Please contact the Auto West Group Business Office for full details.


Early Termination Option - Early Return.

If you are in a situation where you need to end your lease early, you will need to:


  • Pay the balance of the remaining lease payments 
  • Pay for any damages not covered by Excess Wear & Use protection plans (if purchased)

Please book an appointment with our Auto West Group Lease & Finance Specialist for full details. 


Contact Information. 


Auto West Group Lease & Finance Specialist: 604-303-8110 | [email protected]
Auto West Group Business Office: 604-233-0700 | [email protected]

MINI Financial Services: 1-866-378-6464


Allwest Insurance: 604-731-6696

AutoVIN Canada: 1-800-268-6639 |


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