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Electrification: Benefits You Won’t Want to Miss


Kick start your Spring drive with the new MINI Electric lineup! Backed by years of cutting-edge innovation and design, the all-electric MINI Cooper SE 3 Door and MINI Countryman Plug-In Electric Hybrid SUV deliver a maximum experience with a minimal footprint like no other. Let’s celebrate Earth Month by highlighting a few of the benefits that battery-powered technology has to offer!

Instantaneous Acceleration and Recharge as You Go. 

Once you’ve felt it, there’s no going back. The first thing drivers typically notice right away is the instant acceleration and how refreshingly quiet it is. There’s absolutely no delay from pedal to movement. This instant jolt of electrified G-force power is distinct to EVs and you’ll literally be blown away by the delivery of 0-60 km/h in 3.9s (MINI Cooper SE 3 Door). 

When you decide to lift your feet off the gas pedal, the regenerative function kicks in to charge the high voltage lithium-ion battery as you decelerate. Talk about efficiency at its finest!

Charging Towards a Brighter Future.

Every charge helps you take one step closer to a more sustainable future. BC residents have something to brag about when it comes to clean energy as 97% of the electricity generated by BC Hydro is hydroelectric. The ability to harness power from our water reservoirs makes BC one of the best places to drive an electric vehicle. Low emissions and low power costs make this a win-win situation for all EV drivers!

Savings from the Get-Go.

There are many incentives that come with switching to an electric vehicle. From federal programs to local BC rebates, you’ll start off your new electric car journey with thousands of dollars in savings even before your first charge! 

Stationed Everywhere.

Juicing up for emission-free mobility is literally at your doorstep when you consider the growing number of charging stations available wherever you go, in addition to the one at home. You’ll also be pleased to know that a majority of BC’s Level 2 charging stations are free!

Finding one that's available is quick and easy with a simple tap on the new MINI App. The array of E-Mobility features helps you locate charging stations nearby and provides a range circle map with points of interest amongst many other functions. Plugshare is another tool that provides comprehensive information on charging stations throughout North America. For staycation purposes, there are currently five service networks that provide charging stations in BC.

A MINI Above the Rest.

The all-electric MINI Cooper SE 3 Door comes fully equipped with more standard features and premium standard equipment including LED tail lights with the union jack design, sports seat with thigh extension, acoustic protection for pedestrians, DC Fast charge capability, and many more.

For adventures into BC’s great outdoors, the MINI Countryman Hybrid (plug-in electric) SUV’s ALL4 all-wheel-drive system allows you to conquer any road no matter where your heart leads you. Bringing camping gear is a breeze with its functional roof rails and a boot as large as life. 450 litres of space that expands to 1,390 litres allow you to pack up and enjoy all that beautiful British Columbia has to offer!


Extended Test Drive Program. 

For a limited time at MINI Richmond, we’re offering a one-of-a-kind experience for clients interested in learning more about MINI’s electric lineup. The MINI Electric Extended Test Drive Program is designed to allow you to experience and integrate an electric vehicle into your daily life over a few days. By putting you in a realistic situation, it will help you make an informed decision on your vehicle purchase.

MINI Cooper owners can attest to the love and camaraderie we cherish no matter where we are in the world. This same kind of love can be said for EV owners. From comments on forums and charging apps to a willingness to explain and help fellow chargers in need, the community definitely shares a passion for their electric babies as much as their love for the planet.

Come and experience for yourself the difference of an electrified drive! Contact us today at 604-233-0700 to book an appointment or chat with one of our Motoring Advisors online to find out more.




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