Electrify Your Drive! Introducing the All-Electric MINI Cooper SE


Electric cars have become an incredible reality that literally zips and zags through our urban streets every day! Battery operated vehicles are no longer creative ideas that live in our minds or expands our doubts. Our passion for increasing sustainability and efficiency has been a powerful force that sparked our ALL electric MINI Cooper SE journey! We can all agree that emission-free mobility is the key to a sustainable future. Investing in future technologies will help solve significant challenges in our society and we want to be part of the solution.




Here at MINI, we have always chosen to do things differently. We push limits and revolutionize ideas. We believe that driving a MINI is as much of an emotional experience as it is feeling the powerful technology work in unison through your hands and feet. Our touch and sight may have most of us drooling over the conventionally powered MINI 3 Door already. But, have you ever thought of what your ears might experience? Total serenity and calm. Most first time passengers of EVs will comment on how peaceful and quiet the ride is. You may hear a slight futuristic spaceship engine sound picking up if your heart so desires to “gas” it. Otherwise, enjoy what your epic surround sound system has to offer! 



All features and specs shared below are based on the European model. Details for the North American model will be released at a later date by MINI Canada.


Uncompromised Features. 

MINI’s signature comfort, style, design, and handling is perfectly showcased in our new fully electric model. Standard features include LED headlamps, a 2-zone climate control system, heating with heat pump technology, stationary air conditioning, and auxiliary heating. Combine that with a navigation system that displays—among other things—the range in the form of an operating radius and charging stations in the area. You will discover the same spacious cabin capacity as the rest of the MINI fleet because its high-voltage battery is cleverly housed in the vehicle floor. 


Sharing Capabilities.

E-mobility is so much fun with our new electric MINI! Share the joy with friends and family through the latest MINI Connected services plus pioneering features. Owners are able to share the use of their MINIs, via MINI Connected, with others through a smartphone which allows him or her to unlock and start the car. Sharing is caring!


Full Charge Ahead. 

Let’s move on to the topic of electric juice! Many may question or get range anxiety when the subject of range is brought up. The all-electric MINI Cooper SE allows you to go-kart through urban city streets with a smart range of 235 kilometers. This is more than enough for the daily commuter. According to Statistics Canada, a commuter’s average distance to work is 8.7 km.  Those with the longest commute generally measure an average of 40km. It’s safe to say that you can go home for lunch and return to your desk with ample juice left to spare! For those who do need to power up, the new MINI Electric comes standard with a fast-charging DC feature which allows the battery to be recharged in only 35 minutes. British Columbia has an extremely healthy charging station pool. Level 2 chargers and DC fast chargers are readily available across the Lower Mainland and Fraser Valley and most of them are free! Let’s also not forget about the regenerative power that kicks in as you decelerate. Going downhill has never been so sweet as you are able to charge your battery all the way down. Waiting in long lineups at the gas pump and combusting your money can truly become history! 


Our all-electric MINI Cooper SE is not just a typical car, but the start of an all-in-one solution for urban mobility. Production begins in Oxford in November 2019. Contact us today at MINI Richmond and chat with any of our non-commissioned Motoring Advisors. Discover the electrifying possibilities that await.


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Happy 60 Years, MINI!

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