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The Limited-Edition 2020 MINI John Cooper Works GP


The arrival of the 2020 MINI John Cooper Works GP in our beautiful country is finally coming soon, and when we say soon, ETA is sometime in the 2nd quarter of this year. With only 3,000 vehicles made worldwide (59 for Canada!), you can bet they are going to be gone in an instant. 


Looking back at the first generation of MINI Coopers, you would certainly think MINI’s really were miniature but fast forward to today and that is much less true. Though we still make some of the most compact vehicles in the world, they are fully equipped and ready for almost any road condition.


Can’t see why this car is like no other? Here are 5 reasons why.

  1. Track-focused with a 2.0-litre turbo-4, the all-new 3rd generation John Cooper Works GP generates 301 horsepower (331 lb/ft of torque) with an acceleration from 0 to 100 km/h in 5.2 seconds—making it the fastest street-legal MINI ever. What makes this car even more special is the mechanical limited slip differential which allows torque to be distributed to each of the front wheels, aiding harsh cornering turns.
  2. Let’s talk about the 18-inch wheels that are framed with an eye-catching (yet strangely subtle) arch. Made from carbon-fibre-reinforced thermoplastic, materials used are actually recycled from BMW i3 and i8 production. These wider, boxed fenders will help with aerodynamics while also adding some downforce.
  3. MINI made the decision to opt-out on the 4 seaters in the John Cooper Works GP. Instead, replaced the rear seats with a sturdy cross brace (because race car!). 
  4. Looking inside the driver’s cockpit, you will find the traditional MINI centre console design but the John Cooper Works GP also gets a new fully digital cluster to give it a complete modern look. The dashboard has a soft touch material and standard in-car entertainment system with Apple CarPlay.
  5. Headroom is key when it comes to racing because what good is it if you have the perfect vehicle outside but no room for your helmet? That's why the John Cooper Works GP is not equipped with a sunroof, which not only allows for extra headroom, but also increases body rigidity and lowers the vehicle's centre of gravity.

Now that you have some pointers on what to expect on the new 2020 MINI John Cooper Works GP, you are probably curious to know more! If so, contact our Motoring Advisors today to learn more.


Be sure to check out our other blogs on all things MINI and contact us at 604-233-0700 if you have any questions


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