Happy 60 Years, MINI!


To many, August 26th, 2019 may not be a huge deal; however, for us at MINI Richmond, we’ve been waiting all year for that day to come, and that’s because it marked the date of MINI’s 60th Anniversary. To celebrate, we hosted two different events for Miniacs all over the Lower Mainland! Read on to discover how our Craftsmanship Event and BOBA BOY Takeover went. 


View event recap video here.

As masters in motoring, we wanted to celebrate the concept of craftsmanship for our 60th Anniversary. Thus, on the eve of our big day, we invited our clients and their friends to our space for an afternoon full of new experiences and celebration. True to our MINI heritage, each activity we had planned championed the idea of inventiveness and welcomed creativity—traits that we’ve been praised for time and time again over the past six decades. 


Our Delivery Room became an entertaining Mixology class led by Cooking With Ben, where guests had the pleasure of tasting and learning how to make their own MINI-inspired cocktails. The first was the refreshing and upbeat BRG Mojito, a drink that harmonized kiwi and vodka together, and the next was the darker and earthier JC Whisky Cider, which brought the autumn spice to keep us warm and cozy all season long. Along with this workshop, the audience also had the opportunity to get up close and personal with the MINI 60 Years Special Edition


On the second floor in our Guest Lounge, Janeil of Pretty Things Florist shared her craft of potting beautiful terrariums and let us flex our green thumbs. Guests had the opportunity to manifest their own balanced garden in chic cement pots and brass-accented glasses as they reconnected with nature and their gardening roots. We like to think of the plants as our identity, and we can’t wait to nurture them for all the years to come. Meanwhile in our spacious Service Drive Thru, Riley, the owner of Lonsdale Leather, hosted an exciting workshop where Miniacs could make their own leather keychains to pair with their MINI key fobs! Offering two different types of metal accents and a handful of leather in classic shades, our novice craftsmen had full creative reign to accessorize their keychains. Some even pushed their creativity to the limit and made dog leashes for their beloved pet companions!  


The afternoon wound down with a fun mingle where guests got to show off their freshly crafted pieces. Ben (Cooking With Ben) also served up a beautifully plated cheese board to complement his drinks and of course, cake to celebrate the anniversary! To top it all off, everyone left with a smile on their faces and a swag bag in hand.



View event recap video here.
Since our Craftsmanship could only host a certain capacity of our friends, we wanted to ensure that every single MINI owner in Richmond and the Lower Mainland could have the chance to celebrate MINI 60 Years with us. Therefore, we hosted a more accessible event by taking over BOBA BOY Steveston and boy, the community definitely pulled through! The once roomy parking lot was invaded by MINI Coopers of all models and colours in every corner of the space. We even had several classic Mini’s make an appearance. 


To share our gratitude with our community, we treated everyone with a MINI car key to some free bubble tea. Our guests got to choose between two exclusive flavours that were curated specifically for us: British Racing Green, which was a green apple green tea, and Old English Tea, which was honey milk tea. Both sported the creatively delicious matcha pearls, and everyone received a MINI Richmond reusable straw that came in a black finish with a chiselled tip. On top of this bubble tea bonanza, we also handed out free sunglasses that were perfect to leave in the car. 


These two days were so well-spent, and we have all our attendees to thank! Without your enthusiasm for MINI, these events couldn’t have been as spectacular as they were. Thanks for celebrating 60 Years of MINI with us and we look forward to hosting more exciting events for you all in the future.


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