FAQ: I'm Financing My MINI


You’re currently financing your MINI and you have some questions regarding early pay off options or refinancing your OwnersChoice final payment. On this page, you will find answers to commonly asked questions from our clients, just like yourself. 


If you can’t find what you’re looking for, we’re just a phone call or email away. Call 604-303-8110 or email [email protected] to discuss with our Auto West Group Lease & Finance Specialist.


Can I Pay Off My Loan Early? 

All MINI Financial Services loans are open loans, so you have the option to pay it off early after a minimum of 6 months finance. The pay off is to be arranged directly with MINI Financial Services or your banking institution. 


OwnersChoice Financing - Can I Pay Off at Anytime? 

Yes, you can pay off at any time without penalty. Please arrange your pay off directly with MINI Financial Services or your banking institution. If you complete your monthly payments ahead of schedule, there will be a period of no payment until your final amount comes to maturity.


OwnersChoice Financing - Can I Refinance My Balance? 

Yes, you have the option to refinance your final payment. A refinance fee will apply and rates will vary, please contact our Auto West Group Business Office for full details. 


OwnersChoice Financing - Can I Trade-in My Vehicle? 

We understand that your vehicle needs change over time, and in some cases clients may choose to trade-in their vehicle for something different rather than paying off the final payment. Please contact our Auto West Group Lease & Finance Specialist to review your options. 


Contact Information. 


Auto West Group Lease & Finance Specialist: 604-303-8110 | [email protected]
Auto West Group Business Office:
604-233-0700 | [email protected]

MINI Financial Services: 1-866-378-6464


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