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Tire Price Match Guarantee

Tire Price Match Guarantee

Looking for a fresh set of tires for your MINI Cooper? We sell all-season, summer, and winter tires with Price Match Guarantee on MINI Star Approved tires. It's simple: Find a competitor price lower than ours and we will match it*. 

As the main point of contact between your MINI and the road, tires play an integral role in your vehicle’s performance and handling abilities. MINI Approved Tires – developed by MINI in collaboration with industry-leading tire manufacturers – are carefully-crafted and meticulously tested to match your MINI’s exact specifications. The result? Maximum grip, optimized brake response, and an exceptional level of performance and safety on the road.

MINI Richmond is here to help give you peace of mind through the seasonal changes. We offer a safe and convenient tire storage program for $105 plus taxes. It includes the cleaning of your winter or summer tire set and 6 months of storage in a dry and temperature-controlled environment.

Our Service & Parts Team is here to help you find the best fit for your MINI at the best price. Contact us for more details! 

*Some conditions may apply. Contact MINI Richmond for full details.

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