When it comes to your MINI or any vehicle you own the biggest question that pops into mind is, "Is it due for a service?". We decided to interview our Service Manager, Jay Grewal, to tell you a bit about himself and his team, a few tips about servicing your vehicle, and why our MINI Service team is the best in the city.


How long have you been in the automotive industry?

16 years, I started working with Auto West BMW in 2002, and been with the Auto West Group since!


Tell us a little bit about the Service Team at MINI Richmond?

We have been blessed with many good-natured and supportive individuals on our team. The vast majority of our team started with the company in entry level jobs such as washing cars. We have helped each other grow into our various positions and therefore much of our staff have been working together for over a decade, and I believe this MINI specific experience and expertise sets us apart from most service centres in the city.  


What’s your top advice for first time MINI owners in terms of servicing their car?

Pay attention to the service countdown indicators which first appear on your MINI’s dash upon start up. This indicator counts down the mileage and date to the MINI’s next required service. It’s a great tool that gives you ample forewarning of any required maintenance and will help make sure you don't forget to have your vehicle serviced when needed.


How often should they get their car serviced and why?

I would recommend a visit to the service centre once a year or when the MINI’s odometer reaches 15,000km. An annual visit will ensure maximum performance and value from your MINI. Most importantly, an annual visit ensures any safety or major issues to be addressed before they cause mechanical breakdowns or undue inconvenience.


What's the most frequently asked question when it comes to servicing a MINI?

The most FAQ I receive would be “how do I change the time in my MINI?”. The answer does change with the model year of the MINI but all of our staff are more than happy to assist all clients with their MINI and help in changing the time and reviewing any other questions.


What’s your favourite thing about MINI Coopers?

Driving a MINI is a fun and unique experience, and I would have to say the firm handling and feel it provides would be my favourite thing.  

What’s your favourite MINI colour?

I love the new Island Blue colour that MINI offers.


It’s always a pleasure chatting with Jay, we hope you learned a thing or two!

If you have any questions about servicing your vehicle, don’t hesitate to contact Jay and his team at 604.232.7880 or book your service appointment online today.


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