How to be a Tourist in Your Own City: Road Trip Richmond


It’s something that many Richmondites are guilty of: whenever we think of “fun,” our imagination trails towards what lies beyond our friendly little city. Little do we know, this island that floats below sea level is packed full of fun too! Leave it to MINI to find excitement in familiarity and for you to make the most out of your own summer! Read on to check out some of our ideas. 



It’s time to face the facts: Richmond is a total foodie destination. With so many hidden gems between highly-coveted food spots in the city, take a day off and the time to plot your destinations with the help of Yelp and tour the city the best way we know how—with food! From savouring Montreal-style bagels at Rosemary Rocksalt’s Ironwood location to jumping on the matcha craze at Matcha Cafe Maiko; then enjoying afternoon tea at the London Heritage Farm and winding down with street eats at the Night Market, you’ll wonder why you didn’t do this earlier.


TIP 1: At times, city driving can test our patience. Since you’ll be parking at so many different locations, it would be wise to take the MINI Cooper 3 Door as parking will be much easier in a smaller car—seriously, we wrote a whole blog on it.  


TIP 2: Additionally, the available Head-Up Display keeps critical information in your direct line of sight so you can keep your undivided attention on the road—the summer heat can promote unpredictable accidents! 



Is summer really summer if you don’t go biking? We think not, which is why we recommend going for a spin along Dyke Road! One of the best parts about this route is that it literally connects Richmond from one end to the other, spanning from the tip of Steveston all the way down to No. 5 road, with lots of free parking spaces in between. The summer scenery along the dyke is a natural treasure and the sea breeze will keep you cool the whole ride through. Take the bike trip down to local brewer Fuggles & Warlock and cool down with their popular sours before making your way back!


TIP 3: Not a cyclist in the slightest? The MINI Convertible gives you the same breezy satisfaction for a fraction of the sweat! Just remember to sober up before hitting the road after drinking. 


TIP 4: There’s a bike rack for all MINI models with most of them having the strength and security to carry a pair of two-wheelers. Does this call for...a date? 



According to TripAdvisor (yes, we did research for this), the Larry Berg Flight Path Park is a fantastic picnic spot for families or people looking to share a fun conversation with actual tourists. With that cute little half-globe depicting all flight lines that connect to YVR, it makes for a fun and educational spot for the little ones while the old soul can watch planes come and go and existentially consider their place within this universe. Iona Beach is also a quick drive away and it’s one of the best drives Richmond has to offer. For the most fun, invite everyone! Picnics are the best when there are more mouths to feed.


TIP 5: If you’ve got lots to prep and a full house in your MINI, investing in a roof rack & box for additional storage will come in handy if you want to bring foldable chairs, portable grills or any other picnic things of the like. That way, you can pack smaller food-related items like cutlery, plates, and the cooler in the trunk with ease!


TIP 6: If you’re still finding the perfect MINI but you know you’re a huge outdoors person who uses their cargo space often, consider the MINI Clubman. The double doors at the back were made for you! 


If you’re interested in accessorizing your MINI to become the perfect summer companion, feel free to visit us at MINI Richmond and chat with any of our non-commissioned Motoring Advisors. While you’re there, you can also ask them what their favourite part of the city is too!


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