A Party for a New Icon: The Electric MINI


Last month, one of the most highly anticipated models joined the MINI Cooper family. To celebrate, we hosted a sweet little event to share our excitement for the all-new, fully electric MINI Cooper SE 3 Door! Read on to find out what went down at our Official Launch Party. 




At MINI Richmond, we’re always championing the talents of local businesses. That’s why it was such a pleasure to welcome some of Vancouver’s up and coming brands to share their passion and creations to our guests! This event, we were lucky to have four amazing small businesses showcase their products before the main event. 


Woash Wellness introduced us to premium organic tea blends with an emphasis on holistic health while the Botanist Soap Company brought in gorgeously handcrafted bars of soap infused with essential oils. The Bonetique offered pet bandanas fastened with snaps instead of knots for maximum convenience and comfort for your furry friends, and as always, Chef Ben’s team from Cooking With Ben prepared some crowd pleasing refreshments that were total home runstuna aburi and Hawaiian mochi cakes to name a few! 




Once our guests were settled in, we proceeded the night with a fun presentation on 3D printing by our Sales Manager, Raph. Watching his passion for MINIs and 3D printing intersect was something magical; with his charismatic personality and incredible way of engaging with others, we couldn’t have asked for a better presenter for this segment. Afterwards, everyone got to take home a shopping cart token printed by Raph himselfthese can be linked onto your MINI key fob for maximum convenience. Thanks Raph! 

Last but definitely not least, onto the main event: the reveal and product presentation of the all new, all electric MINI Cooper SE 3 Door! We had the pleasure of welcoming Debra Roushorne, the Product Manager of MINI Canada, to share all the key highlights of the Electric MINI’s modern design and incredible functionality. Among the storm of its impressive features, here are some key figures that truly electrify

  • Enjoy up to 177 km of range after a full charge 
  • Charge to 80% in as quick as 35 minutes
  • 32kWh battery capacity comes with an 8-year (or 160,000 km) warranty

“From the front, it’s very iconic in its design. It still looks like a MINI, feels like a MINI, and drives like a MINI.” - Debra Roushorne, MINI Canada Product Manager


In case you’re more into showing and not telling, watch this quick clip to see why we’re excited to charge forward into the future with the electric MINI Cooper SE. Watch here!


So how about it? If you’re wondering how it feels to pilot this iconic urban MINI, don’t be a stranger and ping us a message! We’ll set up a test drive for you in a flash. Book online or call us at 604.233.0700.


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