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Your Questions Answered: The MINI Countryman Hybrid SUV


The MINI Countryman Hybrid SUV is the first plug-in electric hybrid vehicle in MINI's lineup, and it is the one to get this season. This versatile model offers a more efficient way to maximize on all your adventures, year round. We understand, going electric can be a hard transition when you may not be familiar with this technology, which is why we are here to help. Here are the top questions customers are asking about the MINI Countryman Hybrid SUV.


What are the performance figures? 


The MINI Countryman Hybrid SUV can be driven up to 131 km/h or 81 mph in electric power alone. Combined with the internal combustion engine, it produces a total of 224 horsepower that runs through a hybrid specific all-wheel drive system. And it goes from 0-100 km/h in as fast as 6.7 seconds.


How much electric range does it have? 


Compared to its first edition, the electric range has increased by 30%, allowing you to enjoy up to 29 km of pure electric drive (up to 479 km combined range). We also love the fact that it has a regenerative braking system, which recharges the battery as you drive!


Does the MINI Countryman Hybrid SUV have All-Wheel Drive?


Yes, it has a hybrid specific all-wheel drive system, which consists of an internal combustion engine powering the front wheels, and an electric motor powering the rear wheels. This layout allows it to be the first and only rear wheel drive MINI, when driven in pure electric mode (MAX eDrive). And best of all, when selecting AUTO eDrive mode (combined electric and gas power), you can tread confidently with its efficient all-wheel drive system.


How is the storage space?


This 4 door MINI with a 5-seat cabin offers plenty of space for passengers and cargo. Fold down the rear seats and you will get up to 1,275 Litres of truck space to transport your belongings. MINI’s are known to be a compact car, but this MINI Countryman is perfect if you want that MINI look without the worry of low storage capacity. 


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